Best Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine Reviews & Compairson 2018

Are You Finding Best Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine ?

With the saturated market insight of the juicing industry, one can always feel that there might be a monopoly in it and only one player may end up dominating the market. But that does not appear the case to be as different brands have a different market share.

Black and Decker juicer may be targeting a different market and it may be the best black and decker juicer for the customers. But it may not be true for some other black and decker juicer. Similarly, you may see different Hamilton beach juicers but not all these juicers end up catering to all the masses as there are different other variants available that cater to different markets and different needs.

There are different Hamilton beach juicers that are available in the market and we will take you through some of the best Hamilton beach juicers that are currently available.

Hamilton Beach 67608

Hamilton Beach 67608 BUYThis particular Hamilton Beach juicer is also known as the big mouth juice extractor as this particular juicer has the tendency to extract more juice than the other juicers available in the market. The company boasts that this particular variant can extract up to 24% more juice from fruits and vegetables if compared to the leading competitor of the brand.

Another key feature that differentiates it from other juicers is that it has less prep time on offer as it can fit in all of the whole food for easy and fast juicing. Thus you don’t have to do any cutting or spend some prep time to make juices.It often gets difficult for juicers to extract juice from the toughest of fruits and vegetables but that is not the case with the Hamilton Beach 67608 as it has an 800-watt motor.

The powerful 800-watt motor has the tendency to extract juice from the toughest produce thus making the juicing process all too easy for the users. The juicer also has an all-new pulp bin where you can store the pulp in large quantity and then can use the pulp again to any other nutrient recipe.
Often the toughest part that people find with juicers is the cleaning one.

You can make the juices, drink it, but when it comes to cleaning part, it’s the most difficult one. But not anymore with 67608 as it has the removable dish wash safe parts that make the cleaning process all so simple.

Not only is the cleaning process made simple with the help of this, but also the assembling part is simplified hence you can assemble the juicer machine without any trouble at all including the handling and storage part. There is a cleaning brush also available with this particular juicer that helps in the cleaning process.



  • More juice than others
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Extra large pulp bin
  • Low price


  • It takes time to start up


This particular product from Hamilton Beach may not be the best one for you but considering its price you can say that is the best juicer under $100. It can be termed as the best budget juicer with great juicer machine reviews as it has almost all the features that you require at a low price. Hence by compromising a bit on quality, you can get this cheap juicer machine under your budget as it is one of the most affordable juicers.

Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth – 67850

Hamilton Beach 67850Another Hamilton beach juicer that is quite reasonable and is considered to be the best under $100 is none other than 67850. The best thing to start off for this particular juicer is that even at the price at which it is available this particular juicer comes with a warranty of three years that is often not available in some of the most expensive products. You can fit in the whole food easily in this juicer with the powerful motor doing its trick and extracting the maximum juice.

There are two speeds available in the juicer that can be used to extract juice. The speeds that are available include high speed and low speed with LED light. There is also a 40-ounce free pitcher with the juicer along with a lid so that you can extract the juice straight into this pitcher. You also get foam-free juice in this particular juicer as there is a froth separator available with the juicer that helps you pour the juice easily without any issue.

As discussed previously the main issue that people face with the juicer machine is that the cleaning process can take up a lot of time. but with the 67850 the cleaning time can be reduced significantly as there are cleaning tools available that make the job a lot easier for the users. The Easy Sweep cleaning tool reduces to the cleaning time to only half and also helps in the assembling process. The juicer machine has an extra-large pulp bin in which you can store all the pulp and later use it as a nutrient anywhere.

There is no cutting and prep time with this particular juicer as you can directly use whole food to extract the juice. The juicer has no requirement of cutting down the vegetables and fruits thus saving you time and energy at the same time. The spout also keeps you away from the mess with the drip-free nature. The spout itself can be removed easily for cleaning purpose as well.



  • • Two speeds for better extraction of juice
  • • Foam free juice
  • • Adjustable spout
  • • Less precutting
  • • Fits whole food


  • • Wastes product
  • • Juices come out


This particular juice machine may not be the best in terms of quality but at the price, it is available this may be the best one you can get. It has all the features that one requires to use a juice machine at their home.

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